1992 Collectors Edition Trilogy Box Set on VHS

Released in 1992, along with the 1992 Star Wars Trilogy Box Set, this set was only released in Letterboxed format. The set retailed for around $100 and included the three films presented in Letterboxed format, along with the 1989 release of From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga in Pan & Scan. Each of the movies features the same box art from the aforementioned 1990 & 1992 sets, but had a fancy "Special Collector's Letterboxed Edition" accross the top.

Also like the 1990 & 1992 sets, the film transfers for this release were made from the 1989/1990 Laserdisc masters. Two flaws present in the masters made it onto this VHS release, as well as the Letterboxed Laserdiscs. First, a small area of video (along the top of the screen) was cropped out of A New Hope. Also, the master used for Return of the Jedi was made for the Japanese Laserdisc release, and left extra room at the bottom of the screen (for Japanese subtitles). Unlike ANH, all of the video was visible, however the picture was unusually high on the screen.

Unfortunately, as I don't own this set yet, I'm unable to tell you what information is contained in the booklets/pamphlets/inserts that come in the box. When/if I'm able to get my hands on one of these, I'll be sure to update this section!