1990 & 1992 Star Wars Trilogy Box Set on VHS

1990 and 1992 Star Wars Trilogy Box Set Releases

ANH from the 1990 set (left), and the entire 1992 Box Set (right).

Release Dates: 1990 & 1992
Retail Prices: $59.98 set
Trailers/Extras: 1990 Box Set: Trilogy trailer after the films, 1992 Box Set: Coming Soon
The box set, originally released in 1990 for around $80, collected the latest re-releases of the three films into one collection. The video transfers are identical to the earlier VHS releases, but with the trailers and adverts differ. The box had a slipcover, which revealed the 3 cassettes when removed. The base of the box had sides that could be folded out, revealing information about the movies such as how much money each movie had grossed at the box office.

The 1992 box set marked the 6th (known) release of ANH (counting the original rental-only release), 5th (known) release of ESB and 4th (known) release of ROTJ.

The 1992 box (also retailed for $80) was almost identical to the 1990 box, however the cassette labels were the newer green/blue/white ones, while the 1990 labels were all white. Also new this time, a comment from George Lucas was present on the box:

Also, the CBS/FOX logos that were present on the 1990 box and individual movie boxes had been changed to the Fox Video logo:

The copyright dates on the box and the cassette labels also reflected the 1992 release date:

The following comparison shots show the difference between the '90 and '92 box art for ANH. I was able to compare them after picking up the 1990 ANH cassette (from the box set). There's more of a difference (box, labels and trailers) than I thought ('90 = left, '92 = right).