Star Wars Home Video Release Encyclopedia
of North American Releases

Last Updated: August 22, 2011

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The madness started in July of 2011, I was anxiously awaiting the release of the Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray (September 2011). While browsing a local thrift store looking for vinyl records, Laserdiscs and 8-track tapes, I came across a set of Star Wars VHS tapes of the original trilogy, released in 1995. Next thing I know, I'm dead set on collecting every home video release George Lucas' space epic ever recieved on home video, in North America at least. I will be using this website to track my collection as it grows to completion (wishful thinking? I think not!), but also want it to serve as a guide to those who perhaps wish to know a bit more about the versions they own, or are thinking of attempting the same feat themselves.

In my opinion, the amount of money spent will be negligible compared to the amount of time I will be spending running around to different stores once or twice a week. I've never even looked at the VHS section of thrift stores over the past 6-7 years, and much to my surprise, Star Wars VHS tapes seem to be in abundance. Guarunteed to find at least a couple of cassettes at $0.99 each (see what I mean... money = negligable), but it's the box set's I'm after. I'm mainly in it for the elaborate box sets and special editions the movies received, as I doubt I'll watch the VHS tapes often, especially after I acquire the Laserdiscs.

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This is the list I take with me when I go "shopping." It took me the better part of a week to compile, various sources were missing a few releases here and there and some had contradicting dates. Out of this, comes my list, compiled after visiting the official Star Wars website, various collectors' websites, watching YouTube videos about SW video collections and looking at Ebay listings. Enjoy!

ANH - Episode IV: A New Hope
AOTC - Episode II: Attack of the Clones
ESB - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
LB - Letterboxed (Widescreen) video format
P/S - Pan & Scan (Full Screen) video format
ROTJ - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
ROTS - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
TPM - Episode I: The Phantom Menace
WS - Enhanced Widescreen video format (fills all 16:9 TVs, unlike Letterboxed format)

Owned Prior to July 2011:
ANH DVD in WS (from 2004 DVD Trilogy Box Set)
ESB DVD in P/S (from 2008 DVD Trilogy Box Set)
ROTJ THX VHS in P/S (also availible in 1995 THX Box Set)
ROTJ DVD in P/S with bonus Theatrical disc (also availible in 2008 Trilogy Box Set)
From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga (1995 Re-release with "Faces" artwork)

July 17, 2011:
Found the 1995 THX Trilogy on VHS in P/S, paid $0.99 a movie, $3 for the set. This is actually the first time I've owned the unaltered versions of ANH and ESB.
(Goodwill, Toronto, Ontario)

July 18, 2011:
Found the 1992 Fold-Out VHS box set (released in P/S only), Paid $0.99 a movie, $3 for set. Also found TPM Collector's Edition (released in WS only), paid $3 for box with 35mm film strip and art book excerpt. Unfortunately the tape was damaged and was very fuzzy during some parts of the featurette.
(Goodwill, Toronto, Ontario)

July 23, 2011:
Found the 1997 Full Screen (Gold) Special Edition VHS box set. Paid $3 for the set, unfortunately the ESB cassette was missing and upon watching ANH, the Han vs. Greedo segment had deteriorated and was unwatchable.
(Thrift Store, Toronto, Ontario)

July 25, 2011:
Found replacement cassettes for ANH and ESB from the '97 Full Screen Special Edition. Paid $1 for the two cassettes. Strangely, these cassettes have sticker labels, while the box I picked up on 23/07/11 had white text printed on the cassette.
(The Salvation Army, Sudbury, Ontario)

July 27, 2011:
Found the 2000 Full Screen Trilogy VHS release (with Special Edition changes). Paid $8 for the set (a bit more than I wanted to/would usually pay, but both the box and slipcover were in great shape, better than I'd imagine I'd be able to find at a thrift store).
(Donovan's Bargain Corner, Sudbury, Ontario)

July 30, 2011:
Found Attack of the Clones and the 1986 Re-release of A New Hope on VHS. This re-release of ANH is the first re-release since the original 1982 VHS release, it features a single additional line of dialog for Threepio and a trailer for the trilogy at the end of the film. Paid $2 for both cassettes.
(Stouffville Country Market, Stouffville, Ontario)

Found another Return of the Jedi Special Edition Pan & Scan cassette (from the 1997 box set). The casstte was in the silver "Widescreen" box. Since I don't own the letterboxed set yet, I decided to get the single cassette and was a bit disappointed to find it was the Pan & Scan version (especially after spending over an hour removing Blockbuster stickers from the box and cassette). But now I have a "Widescreen" Edition cassette box in very nice shape if I come across the real Letterboxed cassette in a damaged box. Also found Star Wars Droids: The Pirates and the Prince. Watched a few minutes, it's pretty neat and Anthony Daniels does the voice of Threepio, which is awesome! Sadly it comes in a cracked, hard-to-find rounded plastic case, so replacing the case will be difficult. Paid $2 for both cassettes.
(Value Village, Toronto, Ontario)

August 3, 2011:
Found the Pan & Scan VHS of TPM and ANH from the 1990 VHS box set. Paid $1 each.
(The Salvation Army, Toronto, Ontario)

August 8, 2011:
Found Star Wars Ewoks: The Haunted Village. Paid $1 for the cassette.
(Goodwill, Toronto, Ontario)

August 12, 2011:
Found ESB and ROTJ from the 1990 VHS box set. Now I have all three 1990 movies, but not the box. Paid $2 for both cassettes. Also saw the original 1977 Star Wars Board Game at the same store, but the pieces were everywhere, would have taken hours to gather everything up.
(Goodwill, Toronto, Ontario)

August 15, 2011:
Found the Widescreen 2004 DVD Box Set. I have been looking for this for a while, specifically for the Bonus Disc and was very happy to finally get my hands on this set. I also found a used copy of the Widescreen version of TPM (2-disc set). I paid $30 for the Trilogy and $8 for TPM.
(BMV (Yonge & Dundas), Toronto, Ontario)

August 20, 2011:
Found a replacement Widescreen cassette of TPM (out of the Collector's Edition) to replace the damaged one I picked up on July 18. Paid $1 for the cassette. They also had 2 TPM Widescreen box sets, but were asking $10 each, I passed.
(Stouffville Country Market, Stouffville, Ontario)

August 21, 2011:
Found the 1997 Widescreen (Silver) Special Edition VHS box set. Paid $5 for the set. This one was hard to find, I'm assuming because the majority of those purchasing the set in 1997 would have had a 4:3 TV and would have opted for the Pan & Scan presentation.
(Scarborough Marketplace, Toronto, Ontario)

August 22, 2011:
Found used copies of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith (both Widescreen, 2-disc sets) on DVD. Paid $8 each.
(BMV (Yonge & Dundas), Toronto, Ontario)

September 10, 2011:
Found the 1995 re-package of The Making of Star Wars documentary on VHS. Paid $1.50 for the cassette.
(Value Village, Toronto, Ontario)

September 11, 2011:
Found a used copy of the 2006 Limited Edition of The Empire Strikes Back (contains the 1980 "theatrical" cut from the 1993 Laserdisc transfer). Paid $2.50 for the 2-disc set.
(This and That Flea Market, Oshawa, Ontario)

September 16, 2011:
Purchased Star Wars: The Complete Saga on blu-ray (release day). Lined up at 8:00 AM and got some freebies including 8 lithographs of the digibook artwork. Paid $79.99 for the 9-disc set.
(Future Shop, Toronto, Ontario)

February 16, 2012:
Saw The Phantom Menace in 3D today, was VERY impressed! Highly recommend seeing it if you haven't already, if only for the Darth Maul fight and surround sound. Personally, I don't mind TPM, so it was a lot of fun. Paid an extra 50 cents for a souvenir cup (what can I say... I'm a sucker for anything Star Wars!).
(Cineplex Odeon, Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto, Ontario)

February 17, 2012:
Sorry for the lack of updates! My previous hard drive died (and took all of this site's HTML files with it). The blu-rays kept me occupied for a while and I eventually tired of Star Wars for a while. However, I just saw Episode I in 3D yesterday and was very impressed, I'm in a Star Wars mood once again. Stopped by BMV today (Bloor & Spadina), caught the Widescreen THX Trilogy (on VHS) out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for it. As cool as the set is, they are still VHS tapes, worth no more than $1-2 each. I did pick up a stack of awesome Laserdiscs, sadly no Star Wars.

February 24, 2012:
After a few emails back and forth to Astral Media (the company responsible for putting up the bus shelter posters in Toronto), I landed myself a copy of the 4' x 6' bus shelter poster for the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace. This thing is 4 feet by 6 feet, it's HUGE! It literally goes from the floor to the ceiling of my house, so until I move into a house with higher ceilings, this will be staying in it's tube (not to mention the cost of framing it). Still awesome... and free!
(Astral Media, Toronto, Ontario)

February 26, 2012:
Picked up an original Advance poster for Revenge of the Sith (single-sided), Measures 27"x40", which is the standard size for modern movie posters. Paid $10.
( Warehouse (York Mills & Leslie), Toronto, Ontario)

March 8, 2012:
35mm trailer for the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace arrived today, cost me $10 + $15 shipping (Yes! I've started buying online now, so keep checking back for some interesting items in the coming months, I've gotten tired of the "easy-to-find" stuff, haha).

March 12, 2012:
Star Wars on Super 8 arrived today! It's the 7 minute, silent, black and white digest put out by Ken Films in 1977. Paid $15 plus $5 shipping. I'll admit I had a hard time going over $10 on this one, I examined the item today and there doesn't appear to be any fading (search Star Wars Super 8 on YouTube and you'll see the brownish/orange fading I'm talking about), so that makes me feel a bit better. I'll be on the lookout for the 17 minute version with sound and colour!

March 28, 2012:
Received another Star Wars Super 8 reel, advertised as being black and white. Turns out the sticker had fallen off and this one is colour (but pretty faded) and has sound! Got it for $8 with $7 shipping, in total, $5 cheaper than my previous black and white reel.
March 29, 2012:
FINALLY spotted a copy of the letterboxed Star Wars on Laserdisc! I've been searching for so long! It was very nicely priced at $2.99 with $5 shipping to Canada. I haven't bought any oversized or bulky items, I'm a bit nervous to find out how this one will look when it arrives, but will certainly post pics when it gets here. Check back around April 4-5.
April 9, 2012:
Unfortunately, the Laserdisc has still not arrived. I imagine it is at the post office here in Toronto already, but because of Good Friday/Easter Monday it has yet to be delivered. I'll bet it arrives tomorrow. In the meantime, today I picked up another copy of the Phantom Menace Widescreen VHS Collector's Edition. This one is still factory sealed with the sticker on the shrink wrap. Got it for $4!
(Canadian Thrift Store (Victoria Terrace), Toronto, Ontaro)